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To Cultivate Another, We Must First Cultivate the Self.

Courses Launching from 15 February 2024

Certificate in Teaching Character Development & Creative Confidence to Young Children Through Drama, Games & Storytelling.
Beginning 15 February 2024.

The Certificate in Dramatic Storytelling to Young Children.
Beginning 15 February 2024.

Becoming an Inspiring Educator, a Course for Educators Working with Young Children. Beginning 15 February 2024.

Meet Teacher Emil

Hi, I'm Emil Antoan, better known as Teacher Emil. For two decades, I've been teaching and training both children and educators in the field of drama, storytelling, creative confidence, teaching confidence and character development.

I founded Stage for Kids Global more than a decade ago; with the goals of educating & promoting the power of drama, arts, storytelling, and character-personal development. We now provide various products and services across Asia.

Education & inspiration is my life's work & passion; education is beyond the academic - it is also the development of personal skills, values and habits. We as educators are empowered to introduce and cultivate these development to our charges, but for that to take place effectively, we must ourselves be inspired, and enriched.
The courses on TheInspired.Academy aim to do that. Join our programs to embark on a journey of professional and personal development. We are capable and worthy of being remarkable inside and outside of the classroom.

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